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Better Bookkeeping

Automate up to 85% of you bookkeeping and accounting tasks. Receive, review, approve and pay bills electronically. Get reminders of tasks you need to perform, check all your financial accounts in once place and get a financial health check. What can you do with all that time?

Ready to automate your bookkeeping?

Improved Cash Flow

Increase your cash on hand, improve profits and grow your working capital. Get your current days cash on hand and manage cash flow. Collect receivables faster and efficiently manage payables. What can you do with all that cash?

Talk to us about improving your cash flow

Healthier Business

More time and money create a better workplace a healthier business. Better workplaces can hire top talent and healthy businesses have the resources to plan execute and grow. What will you do with that peace of mind?

See why so many companies choose expex for a healthier business.

When you use Expex, Carly comes with it.

Carly’s that person you always wish you could hire but can’t seem to find. Carly’s smart, efficient and always a step ahead. She’s can remind you of things you need to do, suggest better ways manage cash, and improve your business performance.

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