Things you’ll love about Carly

Saving you time and money is what she does best.

Reduces the time it takes to manage and pay bills

Reduces the time it takes to manage and pay bills

Carly reduces the time it takes to manage and pay bills by up to 85%

Digital filing cabinet for bills

Digital filing cabinet for bills

Carly has digital filing cabinet for filing, storing and retrieving all your bills

Carly Integrates with your accounting system

Carly Integrates with your accounting system

She is an expert at QuickBooks. We think She is even smarter than QuickBooks.

Enhanced fraud protection

Enhanced fraud protection

Carly give you enhanced fraud protection so your money and payments are secure

SAVE! on office expenses

SAVE! on office expenses

Carly can SAVE! you money on office expenses through our national contracts

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What our customers are saying...

"Carly gave us the extra set of hands and the security we needed too. The app really is like having an assistant that is always one step ahead." Tony Wassenaar, The Bajan Group
"I enjoy my Sundays with my family again! I find that Sundays are when I can finally catch my breath and get caught up on business necessities like paying bills.  It's great having the CarlyApp so I can have my weekends back." Peter Dean, Render Tribe
"As the Finance and HR director for a growing financial services firm, my workload has grown to the point of needing some assistance with tasks like paying bills. I was excited when I learned what expex had to offer because I was able to get the help I needed without having to go through the hiring process . The system has saved me time and money and their support has been outstanding." Nancy Meininger, Strategic Financial Services
QuickBooks Approved App

Integrated with QuickBooksQuickBooks Desktop
QuickBooks Online

Bank Level Security

Bank Level Security Extended Validation SSL

Carly’s here to help, but you’re the one in control


  • “Will I have control over my cash flow?”

    Only you can decide which bills get paid and when. Carly NEVERS pays a bill without you telling her to.

  • “Will I lose control of my bills because I won’t have the paper?”

    You’ll have more control over your bills because only authorized users get to see and approve bills, Carly notifies you of all new bills and files them in your digital filling cabinet.

  • “Will my bank account be secure?”

    With enhanced fraud protection and bank level security, your bank account is more secure than
    it is today with check in your office.

  • “Could someone else pay a bill that I didn’t approve?”

    You provide permission to only the people you want to approve and pay bills so nobody can pay a bill without your approval.

  • “I don’t want to sign a contract.”

    Neither does Carly! We don’t have
    contracts and you can stop using
    expex at anytime.

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  • “How is CarlySaves different from other savings programs?”

    CartlySaves is a purchasing platform, not a discount program. The Program brings volume and efficiency to our vendors so they can provider lower prices to you.

  • “Do we purchase from expex or directly from the vendors? Who supports our account?”

    All purchases and support are handled directly with our vendor partners

  • “Is it hard or time consuming to setup an account?”

    No! After you setup your account, you choose the areas that you want to save money on, fill out the contact form and our vendor partners will contact you within 48 hours

  • “How do I know how much I'll save?”

    Each vendor will analyze your account and provide you with the amount you will save before you decide to do business with them

  • “I don’t want to sign a contract.”

    Neither does Carly! We don’t have contracts and you can stop using expex at anytime.

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Reduce the time required to process payments by 85% and save money too