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If you are like most business owners, you are barraged with social media ads, email campaigns, and invitations to webinars telling you the next greatest thing you need for your business. You stop and think about some, and totally pass on the others. How do you know what to believe?

We’d like you to take a minute to read this.

We are Expex and we built Carly, the last bookkeeper you will ever hire. Expex does more than automated bill payments. Carly is your accounting back office, your bookkeeper, your financial task get-it-done app.

The biggest complaint small business owners have is a lack of time. Some things can wait an extra day, or even a week or two. Bookkeeping cannot wait. Failure to perform the necessary daily, monthly, and annual bookkeeping tasks could result in financial trouble and often with legal ramifications.

We asked one of our clients, Sarah W. to share her thoughts on using Expex.

Sarah, tell us why you use Expex and Carly?

My business is small by some standards with just about $100,000 in revenue. The staff is small and most of the back office work including bookkeeping tasks, falls on my shoulders, which I despise! Too much of my valuable personal time is allocated to paying bills and other bookkeeping tasks.

Expex is super simple for me to pay my bills and manage my bank accounts and credit card statements. The best part? It uploads to QuickBooks so I don’t have to do it!

What about the month end bookkeeping duties?

This is really where Carly came in. I receive one email with all my financials including P&L, Balance Sheet, Statement of Cash Flows, A/P and A/R details. I could never do that myself. Expex performs credit card reconciliation and the company’s entire internal accounting and bookkeeping requirements are done. My accountant is ecstatic.

Finally, Sarah, if there was one thing you wanted to say about Expex, what would it be?

My business is healthier. The bills are paid on time, QuickBooks is up to date and I know exactly when I stand in terms of cashflow, accounts receivable and accounts payable. The customer service is outstanding, and I feel they are a part of my business success.

So, why should you choose Expex for your bookkeeping tasks?

Think about the time you spend on bookkeeping responsibilities. Now think about the status of those tasks and the health of your business? Are your bills paid on time, credit cards reconciled, and monthly financials completed at month end? Oh, and don’t forget QuickBooks!

If the answer is no to any of these, take a look at Expex and spend a few minutes with Carly. You will be on the path to a healthier business in no time.

Expex is based in Schenectady, NY offering convenient and innovative bookkeeping services to help your business succeed. Our application, Carly, can do everything a traditional bookkeeper does and more. This financial management program expertly fulfills services such as bills payments, bank and credit card reconciliation, and financial records consolidation. Call (518) 389-2305 today to get started, or contact us to learn more about Carly.

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