About Us

Expex is a web app that delivers cash management and financial visibility tools for small to medium size companies. The app has 5 services that are designed to provide business owners and financial managers with tools to manage cash and gain insight into their financial operations. The expex web app provides users with:

  • Real Time balances, search transactions and download and store statements for all financial accounts
  • Monitors balances in real time for all financial accounts, including banks, credit cards and loans
  • A cash management tool with real time available balances and planning for future receipts and payments
  • A financial health check on 10 critical financial reports and ratios including gross profit margin, invoice days outstanding and cash balance.
  • An electronic bill payment service that automates the receipt, review, approval and payment of your bills
  • Access to our contracted vendors who provide 10-40% discounts off everyday business expense.

Expex is an ever-evolving web app designed to respond to the feedback and needs of our users.  Feel free to try us out and learn how other business owners like you have simplified their financial tasks with expex.

expex Headquarters
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