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Expex was created out of our quest to help small to medium sized businesses manage their accounting and financial tasks by providing a simple app coupled with a robust bookkeeping solution.

Started in early 2019, Expex created Carly, The last bookkeeper you will ever hire! Carly is integrated with QuickBooks and works like a person (or team of people) to provide you with:

  • The information you need to complete the tasks that require your immediate attention.
  • The ability to make better financial decisions.
  • Run a healthier company.

Carly is smart, efficient, and always a step ahead.

About the Founder

The company was founded by Anthony Lombardo. Anthony is an SMB owner himself, running a successful print distributorship since 1990. As his business grew and his focus needed to be on running the business, he found long nights and weekend afternoons doing basic accounting work. It became a struggle.

“There had to be an easier way, so I built it.”

Today, Expex and Carly are integrated with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. Processing tens of thousands of bank transactions a month, dispensing electronic bill payments, and keeping small to medium sized businesses financially healthy, Expex clients have more time to grow their business and spend weekends with family and friends.

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