Accounting practices love Carly

Progressive accounting firms that work with small and medium-sized businesses are looking to grow their practices by creating value for their clients beyond traditional services like audits and tax returns. More firms are offering outsourced CFO and bookkeeping services so that their clients have a single point of contact for all their financial management requirements. Expex offers our accounting firm partners a platform for providing expanded client services, creating a recurring revenue stream that was previously unattainable.

Bookkeeping without hiring a bookkeeper

There’s a reason we say Carly is the last bookkeeper you will ever hire. Using Carly as a platform, all your client’s bookkeeping requirements can be met, all while creating a recurring revenue stream for your firm, without adding more personnel. This provides you with the ability to maximize your firm’s resources’ efficiency and deliver a best in class solution for your clients. Growing your practice by delivering a bookkeeping solution as a starting point can lead to more profitable engagements, such as advisory and consulting services.

A platform for growth

Offering outsourced consulting, compliance, CFO, and other services start with the understanding that the monthly financial statements are completed correctly and on time. By using Carly as your bookkeeping platform, you not only grow your recurring revenues but also have a platform from which you can offer other, more valuable services. You are also helping your clients grow and run more profitable businesses, which leads to a growth in the services they will need for your firm.

Are you ready to meet Carly? Enjoy Better Bookkeeping. Improved Cash Flow. Healthier Business.