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Are you ready for 2019?

Many small businesses are viewing 2018 with an eye towards 2019. What have we done well and where can we do better? These questions apply to so many aspects of a small business.

Sales and Marketing

Your business will not sell itself and pouring large amounts of money into an unorganized sales and marketing effort won’t grow it either. If your business runs a little quiet the last week of December, spend some time looking for resources. Search out small local businesses that provide marketing tools to help you grow. Visit your local Chamber of Commerce for a list of these businesses. Get a budget and stick to it.


Look at your staffing. Do you need more or less staff ? Perhaps you need to evaluate the skills each person has and insure they are in a position to succeed for themselves and the business? Happy people stay with a company and turnover is very costly to a small business.

Financial Health

How did the business perform against the goals you set up in late 2017? Bigger question:  Do you know how you did in 2018? Do you have the tools necessary to determine the company’s financial health? We work with so many struggling and frustrated business owners that we built Expex just for this reason. We wanted to take the stress and strain out of understanding your business’ financial health and make the information readily available on a single dashboard.

At Expex, we cannot help you evaluate your staff or build a marketing plan, but we can help you understand your financial health, so you can hire the best team and develop a creative marketing plan for your growing business.

Best to you in 2019 for growth and prosperity.

The Team at Expex, Inc.

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