At Expex, we have spoken for some time now on artificial intelligence (AI) and the impact it is having on the accounting profession. In a recent article on, the author, Garrett Wagner CPA, CITP, CEO and Founder of C3 Evolution Group, addresses the underlying concerns of artificial intelligence and further explains the value and positive impact AI will have on the accounting profession. He writes:

“The goal of artificial intelligence (AI) in the computer science world is to create human intelligence demonstrated by machines. Once this human intelligence is demonstrated, AI programs would then be able to perform a variety of tasks that, until now, were only done by human beings. AI and the promise of intelligent computers has long been the foil of many sci-fi movie heroes, where we watch as the machines take over and rule the world. Based on this long history, we have built in a steady distrust for AI and lack of understanding of its real-world applications. All those readers who are fans of the Terminator franchise know what we are talking about.

Despite all of this, we have recently seen a rapid increase in real-world AI applications and particularly those in the accounting and finance vertical. This begs the question, should we fear these intelligence machines and worry that they will either take over the world or simply take over our jobs?” Read more…

At Expex, we agree with Mr. Wagner’s assessments and have embraced AI in the architecture of our application and its virtual bookkeeper, Carly. Expex is an app specifically designed to facilitate the process of daily accounting tasks and with AI ensures that our clients work efficiently and informatively whereby creating a financially healthy business.

If you would like to learn more and see how AI and the Expex app can perform your bookkeeping tasks and applications, contact us to meet Carly and see a demo of Expex.

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