Bill LaPlante and Katharyn White  from The Washington Post wrote an article on April 27, 2018 entitled, “Five myths about artificial intelligence”.  Here the authors dispel some of the myths regarding AI and share some insight into the most common misconceptions and fears about our future living with artificial intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence is the future. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are all making big bets on AI. (Amazon owner Jeff Bezos also owns The Washington Post.) Congress has held hearings and even formed a bipartisan Artificial Intelligence Caucus. From health care to transportation to national security, AI has the potential to improve lives. But it comes with fears about economic disruption and a brewing “AI arms race.” Like any transformational change, it’s complicated. Perhaps the biggest AI myth is that we can be confident about its future effects. Here are five others.”  Read more…

Artificial intelligence is making its way into our lives from products in our homes to the financial services small businesses utilize to pay bills and balance their books.  At Expex, we embrace AI and deliver solutions that not only perform bookkeeping tasks but learn about your business and make suggestions that will improves your financial performance.

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