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  • What is cash flow?

    What is cash flow?

    Cash flow is often misunderstood yet is critical to the success of any business. Cash flow issues are one of the most significant challenges small business owners face. 4 out of 5 businesses are likely to fail due to poor cash management. What is cash flow?   Understanding your small business’s cash flow is one […]

  • Bloke cracking goal the full monty get stuffed mate posh.

    Bloke cracking goal the full monty get stuffed mate posh.

    Nostra corporis ipsa luctus nonummy veritatis! Eaque justo, aliquip? Iusto, mauris voluptate potenti, odit ex? Cupiditate sodales aut? Cupiditate amet. Culpa maiores. Doloribus dolore, potenti quam euismod quae a fringilla. Cum dapibus mi ab rhoncus ad, mattis convallis lobortis pharetra rem aliquet ut leo perspiciatis rerum risus, fringilla, laboris soluta dicta quidem provident sint? Exercitationem […]

  • Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July!

    The 4th of July is arguably the kickoff to summer fun in the sun!  Here in the Northeast, we are experiencing quite the heatwave putting us all in the mood for some summertime fun: Cookouts Fireworks Celebrations The offices of expex will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th only.  We wish you and your families a […]

  • What does an accountant do?     

    What does an accountant do?     

    I am in the marketing department here at expex. Marketing seems so easy and straightforward and when someone asks what I do for expex, it is an easy answer. So, years ago when I told my brother-in-law that I could never be an accountant like he was, he asked, “Do you know what an accountant […]

  • What is a corporate kit?

    What is a corporate kit?

    If you or your attorney have formed your business and filed your documents with the public record of your state(s), whether it is an LLC, a PLLC, an Inc. or a Corp., you were probably asked if you wanted a corporate kit. What is a corporate kit and as a small to medium sized business, […]

  • Do you smell smoke?

    Do you smell smoke?

    We do! It’s our programmers working at a fever pitch enhancing expex to be a better, more inclusive product. How have we gotten this far? Feedback. Plain and simple. We are building what our clients want and need. Wanna help? Sure you do, so do us a solid and complete this 10-question survey and share […]

  • Summertime is coming.  Where are you working?

    Summertime is coming.  Where are you working?

    Summertime is just around the corner for us in New York and already present in many areas of the U.S. Kids are out of school, boats are in the water and summer cottages and camps are airing out.  Where do you want to be on a long weekend? Not. In. The. Office. But there are […]

  • What can you see?

    What can you see?

    Accounting visibility.  Have you heard the term? Technology can get a bad rap.  Some think technology will replace people, and heaven forbid, artificial intelligence! Well it is what it is, and it is coming to your business.  Technology doesn’t replace people, it affords them the ability to be more proficient and, in our experience, look […]

  • Are you a veterinarian running a small practice?

    Are you a veterinarian running a small practice?

    Often, we think of small business owners only traditional businesses such as service businesses, IT companies and perhaps trade companies like plumbers and pest control firms.  We came across this great article on Veterinarian’s Money Digest, published on May 26, 2018, addressing the concerns of a veterinarian practice. The article, Accounting Tips for the Busy […]

  • Happy Memorial Day!

    Happy Memorial Day!

    The bald eagle. A symbol of strength and independence. Many members of our company have current and past family members in the military.  We thank them for their service. From all of us at expex, we wish you and your families a very safe and Happy Memorial Day. Enjoy the holiday weekend. Your team at expex