How did the small business owner with limited time and resources find a solution to manage his finances better? Let’s read on…

Once upon a time there was a small business owner named Charlie.  Charlie worked hard to build his business and was enjoying some well-deserved success.  With success, comes challenges and Charlie was finding it hard to keep up.

Once Charlie started paying 20 bills per month, he began looking for ways to be more efficient.  Coupled with the data entry of basic accounting functions in QuickBooks, his day was now extended into the evening hours. It dawned on Charlie that this would only continue to be more demanding, and he needed to address it now.

Charlie was frustrated.

One sunny day he came upon a solution.  A web app that could automate the company’s bill management and payment process.  It integrates with QuickBooks and he could assign rights to his new accounting assistant, Trudi.

Charlie could choose when payments are scheduled to be made and to insure nothing slid through the cracks, he created customized alerts for new bills, approvals and payments. He was on his way!

So, what was this magic solution?  Expex!

Expex reduces the time it takes to receive, approve, process and pay bills as compared to typical paper-based systems. Paper, filing and errors are significantly reduced or eliminated. There is no longer a need go the mailbox, receive your invoices and drudge through the manual labor of data entry and cutting checks only to return once more to the mailbox to send the bills out with payment.

Charlie now leaves the office at 5pm and can attend networking events to continue the growth of his business.  The weekends are his to spend with family & friends.

Ask us how Expex can help you like it helped Charlie and try it free for three months.

And they all lived happily ever after!

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