Cloud Accounting- will it work for you?

There have been some heated debates and strong opinions voiced regarding cloud accounting.  There have been many articles written on cloud accounting.  Take a look at Cloud Accounting – Way of the Future or a Tool for Now? This was published online on the website CPA Practice Advisor on Oct 17, 2017 by Randy Johnston,

Fall in Love with Finance Series– Making the col...

Cash flow is the life blood of all small and medium size businesses and the best way to make sure that the cash keeps coming in is to make sure your receivables are collected on time. Most SMB’s have a wide range of clients that pay on time, slow and late. The average number of

Fall in Love with Finance Series– Staying out of...

Sometime when I ask my accountant for his thoughts on a financial issue, he starts giving me a detailed explanation – something I usually don’t want. He’s really not trying to get under my skin, he’s just trying to give me a complete answer. He’s very passionate about his work and enjoys discussing some of

5 Myths About Financial Management Software

Given the fact that financial management software is a relatively recent small business phenomenon, it is unsurprising that there are still some common myths that make the rounds in the small business community. Don’t let these myths keep you from taking the plunge and enjoying the benefits unique to financial management software. Here are five

Fall in Love with Finance Series – Reducing oper...

While most of the Falling in Love with Finance series is about fiscal management, today I want to address how SMB’s can reduce their operation costs with very little effort. If done properly, small businesses can add profits to their bottom line that are meaningful and sustainable without hiring an operations manager (or if you

It’s all about the cash flow….

Many small businesses struggle with managing cash flow. The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) posted a great article on their website, “Managing Small Business Cash Flow – Answers to 10 Commonly Asked Questions”. The author, Caron Beesley, addressed many of the questions plaguing small businesses. Cash flow is the lifeblood of a business and critical

Fall in Love with Finance Series – Automating th...

One of the things business owners don’t like to deal with is bill payments. It’s time consuming, frustrating and doesn’t add value to their business. With all the technology available today to SME’s it’s surprising to see that most bills are still paid using a paper based system. One of the reasons for this is

Small Businesses- Great Tips to Manage Your Financ...

A very on-point and well written article appeared on, Accountancy 101: 5 Tips to Manage Your Small Business’s Finances, written by Russell Smith.  The October 3, 2017 article addresses some of the concerns and hurdles that many of our clients face each day as a small business. “…When it comes to running your own

Fall in Love with Finance Series- Nobody likes fin...

One of the issues that SMB’s have is planning for expense payments that are not entered into their financial accounting system until after they’ve been incurred (let’s call them future transactions). Payroll is one of the largest expenses that most companies have and it falls under this category. Loans and mortgages are good examples of

Running a Small Business Using Cloud-Based Account...

On September 26, 2017, Newswire posted a press release entitled, “Frank Dinucci Easing Minds of First-Time Small Business Owners on Cloud-Based Accounting”. We found the press release on the website and thought it was worth a share with our readers. Mr. Dinucci discusses the time saving benefits of accounting via the cloud. “People were

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