At Expex, we talk about automation, electronic payments, and an interactive dashboard.

But, what does that mean?

We like easy and simple here at Expex so here are a few simple facts that may get you to think, “I want this application for my business!”

  • No one likes to do bookkeeping tasks. We know that at Expex, so how about a system that does it for you? Expex will manage cash on hand, post cash receipts, manage bill payments, perform bank reconciliations and even file sales tax returns?
  • Oh, and Expex syncs all this to QuickBooks!
  • Not knowing where you stand? To much paperwork? Ugh! No worries, we have Carly for that. Carly is our SaaS application consisting of 5 services that automate accounting tasks, improve cash flow and lower business expenses. Carly even delivers Smart Alerts that notify you of critical issues that require your attention.
  • Are you an accounting firm with multiple clients and feel like a one-armed paperhanger deluged with bookkeeping tasks? Expex provides accounting firms and their SMB QuickBooks users with a dashboard and tool set for real time communication and fiscal management.

Do you see a pattern here? Bookkeeping does not have to be an albatross or monopolize an entire weekend once a month. Expex can and will make your business better and stronger and put you in a position of truly knowing where you stand.

So, c’mon, reach out to us and try Expex. Don’t you want to be a little healthier?

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