Who is Carly

Carly automates your business bill payments from receipt to payment. Bills are emailed to user@expexbill.com and are immediately available in your dashboard. The app provides all the tools required to manage bills and cash flow with payments being paid through ACH transactions. Carly provides enhanced fraud protection, indexed digital filling cabinet and an audit trail. It reduces the time required to process payments by up to 85%. Setup is a breeze and can be completed in 30 minutes. For QuickBooks users, we have integrated Carly so that all transactions automatically post to your QuickBooks account. When you sync your QuickBooks account with Carly, all vendors, items, jobs, classes, general ledger accounts and P.O.’s are connected to Carly. All approved bills and payments made by Carly are written back to QuickBooks and booked to the proper general ledger accounts, jobs and classes. With pages designed to match QuickBooks, you’ll already know how to manage payments using the CarlyApp.

Why use Carly

With Carly you can:

  • Automate the receipt, approval and payment of bills
  • Eliminate handling & filing paper bills
  • Access a digital filing cabinet with queries and reporting
  • Integrate payments with your accounting system
  • Eliminate printing, signing and mailing checks
  • Gain access to enhanced fraud protection & an Audit Trail
  • Reduce the time it takes to process A/P by up to 85%

How Carly Works

Automating your bill payments is quick and easy! Here’s how it works.

1 Create your CarlyApp account
2 Have your bills emailed to user@expexbill.com or just drag and drop the bill from your desktop
3 Your bills will be available in your dashboard so you can edit/approve them
4 Approved bills get paid on time (you control payment dates) with an ACH payment
5 All transactions sync with QuickBooks automatically and book to the proper accounts including jobs, classes and items.

Compare Carly

  • Carly vs. traditional bill payment

    Carly reduces the time it takes to receive, approve, process and pay bills as compared to typical paper based systems. Paper, filing and errors are significantly reduced or eliminated.

    • 1 Receive and sort mail
    • 2 Open mail
    • 3 Review bills
    • 4 Code each bill
    • 5 Enter bill in A/P system
    • 6 Verify A/P entry
    • 7 File bills into open A/P file
    • 8 Run Bills Due Report (BDR)
    • 9 Review BDR
    • 10 Determine which bills to pay
    • 11 Edit BDR
    • 12 Pull bills to be paid from open A/P file
    • 13 Run checks
    • 14 Post checks to GL (General Ledger)
    • 15 Match bills to check stubs
    • 16 File bills in closed A/P file
    • 17 Insert checks into envelopes
    • 18 Apply postage
    • 19 Mail checks
  • Carly vs. your banks bill pay solution

    Compare what you get with Carly vs bank bill pay solutions

      CarlyApp Banks
      Bill Approvers Cash Managers  
    Schedule and edit payment amounts and dates online  
    Automatically pay bills based on predefined cash management rules    
    Dashboard to manage payment of all approved bills    
    All bills tagged to their proper general ledger account number  
    QuickBooks integration for all bills including jobs, classes and items  
    Automatically approve bills based on predefined budgeting rules    
    Dashboard to manage the approval of all open bills    
    Rule based delivery of bills to the designated approver    
    Bills received electronically, eliminating data entry  
    Automated email notifications for all required user actions  
    Record notes on all open bills  
    Reminder notepad to manage ongoing issues  
    Indexed digital filing cabinet for all bills  
    Complete audit trail with detailed updates each time the bill is accessed  
    Customized queries for detailed reporting  

Reduce the time required to process payments by 85% and save money too