Using fintech to avoid fraud by separating account...

Just this week, there was a story in the news of a small not-for-profit company dealing with fraud from a bookkeeper/bookkeeping service. It happens too many times and can occur with the most reliable employees. Often times the business owner is heard saying that the employee was long term, loyal, and trusted. How does this

The struggle is real.

At Expex, we spend all of our time in the small to medium sized business space. We hear the issues and challenges these businesses and business owners face. It is  a part of their life…and ours. What are the top three challenges faced by SMBs? Sales and growth: “We need business!” This challenge goes hand

Online Automated Bookkeeping Services /Online Automated Bookkeeping Solutions
Need a hand? Meet Carly.

Running a small to medium sized business can be rewarding and challenging.  We understand. Daily struggles and tasks. Every day we speak with small to medium sized business owners who struggle to capture more time in the day. Often, these business owners are the voice of the company, the salesperson who drives revenue, the IT

It’s Fall.

We love the fall season here at Expex. We are based in New York and the fall foliage lights up the sky when the sun hits a red and yellow tree lined street. Many companies revel in that happy moment for just so long and then the realization that the third quarter will soon be

Bookkeeping apps and tools can make the tasks easy...

At Expex, we talk about automation, electronic payments, and an interactive dashboard. But, what does that mean? We like easy and simple here at Expex so here are a few simple facts that may get you to think, “I want this application for my business!” No one likes to do bookkeeping tasks. We know that

How A/P Automation is Valuable to a Medical Practi...

We have spoken at length about managing the A/P process and other bookkeeping and financial tasks for accountants and small businesses. Medical practices are faced with these same challenges. A poorly managed A/P process can affect the bottom line of any business. Medical practices can use automated accounts payable apps like Expex, to organize and

Managing your day to day bookkeeping & financ...

Sandy is a new tenant in our building and stopped in to introduce herself and inquire about our company, Expex and what exactly we did. We invited Sandy in and sat down and discussed, more importantly, how she ran her business in terms of accounting and bookkeeping. She was a deer in the headlights. Sandy

Our Intern’s Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

Expex had our first summer intern this year. Minnie is a college student and has been instrumental in doing some research for us among QuickBooks users and how they perform bookkeeping and accounting tasks, specifically in terms of applications. Minnie has spent a great deal of time understanding expex and the impact artificial intelligence has

Top 3 Benefits for A/P Automation for Small and Me...

In the consumer world, we are no strangers to paying our personal bills online and we know the obvious advantages of doing so (thank you scheduled payments!). But, as a business owner, have you ever fully considered switching your bill pay process to a more streamlined alternative? We understand that bill payment for businesses is

What does an accountant do?     

I am in the marketing department here at expex. Marketing seems so easy and straightforward and when someone asks what I do for expex, it is an easy answer. So, years ago when I told my brother-in-law that I could never be an accountant like he was, he asked, “Do you know what an accountant

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