Intelligent bookkeeping and accounting assistant? ...

It’s out there- the intelligent personal assistant. She lives in our homes and helps us remember important dates, order birthday presents and manage so many aspects of our lives. “Play the rolling Stones for me.”  “Ok. I will play the Rolling Stones.” “Please order a pizza from the Corner Pizza Guy.” “OK pizza will be

Artificial Intelligence- myths and truths.

Bill LaPlante and Katharyn White  from The Washington Post wrote an article on April 27, 2018 entitled, “Five myths about artificial intelligence”.  Here the authors dispel some of the myths regarding AI and share some insight into the most common misconceptions and fears about our future living with artificial intelligence. “Artificial intelligence is the future. Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Apple are all making

How AI is impacting Small and Medium Size Business...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is actively maneuvering from the consumer marketplace to the world of finance, banking and accounting. Many businesses are looking to streamline processes and utilize AI to become more efficient and profitable. Expex is pleased to be featured in The Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership online newsletter, Next Wave Ideas. The article, How AI

Artificial Intelligence and Your Business

As we continue to research how artificial intelligence can and will play a part in Expex, we look for resources that discuss artificial intelligence (AI) in the work place. We came upon a great article on called What Artificial Intelligence Means To You And Your Business, by Ian Altman.  Mr. Altman not only explains

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Accountin...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been living among us for decades, maybe longer.  When first introduced, people were afraid, on many levels.  Could machines be taught to do what humans do? Perhaps, or maybe, they can compliment and support the functions that humans do. The accounting world seems to have gotten on the AI train. In

Preparing for artificial intelligence in accountin...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being developed in every aspect of our lives. Here’s a great overview by Sarah Ovaska-Few from the Journal of Accountancy on how AI will impact the accounting and bookkeeping world. Artificial intelligence isn’t coming. It’s already here. Early investments by large firms, including several of the Big Four, have paid off

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