Do you smell smoke?

We do! It’s our programmers working at a fever pitch enhancing expex to be a better, more inclusive product. How have we gotten this far? Feedback. Plain and simple. We are building what our clients want and need. Wanna help? Sure you do, so do us a solid and complete this 10-question survey and share

Summertime is coming.  Where are you working?

Summertime is just around the corner for us in New York and already present in many areas of the U.S. Kids are out of school, boats are in the water and summer cottages and camps are airing out.  Where do you want to be on a long weekend? Not. In. The. Office. But there are

How do you balance running a business and growing ...

“Be your own boss.” They said. “It’s easy. You’re doing what you know and love.” They said. Yes, you are your own boss and you love what you do but that does not make it easy. It makes it challenging.  Time and resources are limited but there are resources out there to help. Growing a

What is my credit card balance, and do I have enou...

Sound familiar? In businesses that do not employ on onsite bookkeeper or accountant, and where the owner is a Jack or Jane of all trades, a single solution for managing cash flow and financial visibility is critical. Many companies ‘share’ a credit card across multiple departments for purchasing goods and services throughout the month. This

How AI is impacting Small and Medium Size Business...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is actively maneuvering from the consumer marketplace to the world of finance, banking and accounting. Many businesses are looking to streamline processes and utilize AI to become more efficient and profitable. Expex is pleased to be featured in The Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership online newsletter, Next Wave Ideas. The article, How AI

Automating bookkeeping functions- the wave of the ...

How did the small business owner with limited time and resources find a solution to manage his finances better? Let’s read on… Once upon a time there was a small business owner named Charlie.  Charlie worked hard to build his business and was enjoying some well-deserved success.  With success, comes challenges and Charlie was finding

You Pay Your Bills Electronically at Home but not ...

I’ve asked this question to many small business owners and always get the same response in some variation: “It’s not that simple at work”. Yes, that’s true. At home, we simply write checks. At work, we have accounting systems and business processes to contend with. However, many small business owners believe that automating bill payments

Artificial Intelligence and Your Business

As we continue to research how artificial intelligence can and will play a part in Expex, we look for resources that discuss artificial intelligence (AI) in the work place. We came upon a great article on called What Artificial Intelligence Means To You And Your Business, by Ian Altman.  Mr. Altman not only explains

Bookkeeping or Accounting?

We came across this article and thought it was perfect for sparking the thought process and determining the services you need for your business.  Both services exist to meet the needs of business owners, small and large.  Which one fits you best? The author, Carey Wodehouse , posted this article on January 8, 2018 on

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