Quite often, the things we need to do to save time, make life easier, or save money are the things we wait the longest to actually do. Why is that? Small to medium sized business owners are plagued every day, via every media source with offers to save money.  Some are real, some are not.

Expex is a SaaS application that automates accounting and bookkeeping tasks, improves cash flow, lowers business expenses, and reduces the time required to review financial data and transactions. Our Find Savings service was built to mirror the procurement processes of large companies, where a basket of goods is sourced, pricing established, and a contract rolled out to all divisions. This process drives cost down for the supplier and enables all the company’s locations/divisions to use the same contract to reduce cost. Traditionally, smaller companies could never posses the purchasing power of a large business and have had to resort to discount programs that have not delivered much savings. With Expex, each of our customers are treated like a division of a large company, with Expex acting as the sourcing, or purchasing department. Expex negotiates the contract and makes it available for all our users to participate in. This process creates several cost reductions for our supplier partners, who in turn, deliver saving to all our users.

Expex has created partnerships with a number of suppliers, including printing, office supplies, janitorial supplies, rental cars and insurance to name a few.  For Expex customers, getting started is simple.  Click on the Find Savings tab on your app and follow the prompts.  The vendors will reach out to you directly and perform an analysis of how and where they can save you money.

Expex will save you time, make life easier, and save you money on the goods and services your business uses most.  Contact us for more information or if you’d like to see a demo of Expex.

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