Welcome to our series on bookkeeping. Here we will discuss bookkeeping tasks and process, why it’s important, and how to turn this often-frustrating task into a valuable part of running your business

At Expex, we built Carly- an automated bookkeeping application. Carly is the last bookkeeper you will ever hire. As we progress through the discussions on bookkeeping tasks, we will share with you the services Carly provides and how Carly can be a valuable asset for your business. In turn, we will educate you and help you to become comfortable with the daily and monthly financial tasks Carly will perform.

In this series we will cover the topics listed below, which many SMBs hate to think about! But we’ll show you how they can be managed quickly and easily, while adding value to your business.

  • Performing bank reconciliations
  • Reviewing financial statements
  • Managing bill payments
  • Filing sales tax returns
  • Managing cash flow
  • Reconciling credit card accounts

Suggestion, questions or comments, email us at info@expexinc.com and we can review any of these topics with you, or better yet, give you a demo showing you how it is done.

Hire Carly. You will not regret it.

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