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Fall in Love with Finance Series – Conclusions

In our Fall in Love with Finance Series, we’ve looked at a number of concepts and solutions for making the financial management of a small business more enjoyable. While you may not completely fall in love with finance, hopefully you can see that it can take far less time than you may have originally thought, and can also be a lot easier to understand.

As business owners, we tend to gravitate to the area of business we enjoy the most. Some of us like finance, others like product development, and some like the sales process. Very few business owners enjoy all aspects of running a small business. However, if you set a goal of tackling the area you like the least, and work every day at getting better at it, you’ll find success. Sometimes you simply need to find a way to “fall in love” with the area that challenges you the most.

We’ll be back in January with more blogs that will continue provide help in running your business. Until then, enjoy the holiday season.

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