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Welcome to the FAQ page for expex! Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to click on the Live Chat button on the lower right hand side of your screen or please contact us at

What is expex?

Expex is a web app that delivers cash management and financial visibility for small to medium size companies. The app has 5 services that are designed to provide business owners and financial managers with tools to manage cash and gain insight into their financial operations.

Any small to medium size business that is looking for better cash management tools and financial visibility.

There are three pricing plans: Lite, Premium and Pro. The Lite version is FREE, Premium is $19.50 per user per month and Pro is $29.50 per user per month. Transaction fees for our Bills and Payments service are $1.20 per check payment and $.50 per ACH payment.

There is no fee for setting up your expex account, and you can get started with our Lite version for FREE!

No! We don’t believe in contracts and only want our customers to use our products because they want to.

Yes, you can have as many users as you need. To use expex in a multi user environment, you will need to use the Pro version.

Yes, you can assign rights to each user based on the level of access you want them to have.

Each account has an administrator who assigns and manages the rights of each user.

Absolutely! We’re more than happy to help you setup your account and train you on how the expex app can help you manage cash flow and provide financial visibility into your company.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Just download our app to your desktop and follow the simple instructions to setup your account. Once your account is setup, you can login and start using expex.

What is My Accounts?

My accounts gives you real time balances for all your bank accounts, credit cards, loans mortgages and more. You can also search for transactions and automatically download statements.

You can create alerts for low balances that will be delivered through text, email or directly to your desktop through the expex app.

What is Cash Manager?

The Cash Manager is a tool that helps you manage your cashflow. No more using a spreadsheet to manage cash. Cash Manager integrates with your accounting system and displays your cash status in graph or report format

Yes! Transactions like payroll and rent payments that are not entered until they happen can be hard to forecast. The cash manager lets you add these transactions so you can plan for them.

Yes! All you have to do is setup the transaction once and it will recur on the dates you setup.

Yes! You can forecast your cashflow based on the bills you have in your QuickBooks account or you can add anticipated deposits based on outstanding invoices and your customer’s average days to pay.

The Cash Manager provides you with both your bank balance and your available balance. Your available balance is your bank balance, less any outstanding checks.

Yes, you can setup alerts that can be delivered by text, email or through the desktop app.

What is Financial Health?

Financial Health is a dashboard that provides you with 10 custom selected elements showing the financial health of your company

Financial Health comes with a set of defaulted values for each element. We suggest you review each element with your accountant to ensure that these values meet your company’s financial objectives

Yes! When you setup the Financial Health Service, you can setup alerts so that you are notified by text, email or the expex app on your desktop if any element has dropped below the range you have setup.

It has your selected elements displayed along with a red, yellow or green indicator based on the status of each element and the criteria you selected for each element. All red statuses are for items that need your immediate attention and or shown at the top of the page, then yellow – for items that aren’t critical but need review, followed by green, which are items that are OK.

What is Bills & Payments?

Bills and Payments is a service that automates the bill management and payment process. With Bills and Payments, small and medium size businesses can receive, review, approve and pay bills electronically, automating the entire process.

Bills can be emailed directly from your vendors or you can upload bills from your desktop.

Bills can be emailed to your

Users receive a weekly email notifying them that they have new bills to review. Users click on a link in the email and logon to the expex portal.

Once bills are approved, the bills will be paid automatically on the date you want them paid. There is no further action required by the user.

Bills are routed to the assigned approver. The approver reviews the bill and clicks on “Approve”. The bill can also be placed on hold, edited, distributed to new GL account numbers and have notes attached to it.

Only users with rights to approve bills can approve them.

Bills are emailed directly from vendors to the proper users expex email address.

When your account is setup, each vendor is assigned a default GL account number. This information is pulled from your accounting software.

All pending and approved bills can be viewed on the received bills and approved bills tabs. You can also go to reports and create a report for bills based on the parameters you need. Paid bills can found in the cabinet or by running a paid bills report.

Expex debits your bank account and pays vendors with either an ACH payment or a check.

Yes, all payments are handled through our online portal.

We have many layers of security including an SSL for our portal, an encrypted database and direct connections to the Federal Reserve for making payments.


Expex captures all vendors, general ledger accounts, last bill paid (so we know the default GL for each vendor), items, classes, jobs, cash account and accounts payable account.

Yes! All transactions appear as if you had entered them directly into QuickBooks.

Absolutely. When bills and payments are written to QuickBooks, all reports including financial, vendor and history are reported accurately. All reports will be created as if the transaction was created directly in QuickBooks.

Since both applications reside in the cloud, the integration is done through the QuickBooks API. Once your expex is setup and connected to QuickBooks, transactions sync directly to your QuickBooks Online account.

Expex uses the QuickBooks SDK (software developers kit) to integrate with QuickBooks Desktop.

When you setup your account, expex provides a desktop app that contains all the software required to sync with QuickBooks. The syncing runs automatically in the background and can be setup to run on a schedule. We suggest you have it setup to run hourly. This will ensure that all transactions in expex are synced automatically every hour.

Managing vendors

Send your vendors and email with the email address for the user who is responsible for reviewing their bill. The email address for expex bills is

Yes, you can upload a list of vendors to expex, or if you use one of the software systems that we are integrated with, this process is done automatically when your account is created.

Yes, you can upload your General Ledger to expex, or if you use one of the software systems that we are integrated with, this process is done automatically when your account is created.

You can update your vendor list in expex. If you use one of the software systems that we are integrated with, vendors should be added in your software application and synced with expex.

What is Find Savings?

The Find Savings application is a purchasing solution for small and medium size companies that provide them with lower costs for everyday business expenses by accessing our national contracts.

No! We don’t believe in contracts. We provide exceptional and flexible solutions so our clients use expex and stay with us as their business grows.

No. If you want to automate your payments, we’re glad to help, but you need to use Bills and Payments for this service.

The contracts with the supplier are based on a single program that all our clients use. They are designed to provide high levels of customer support and lower costs based on a single platform that all our customers use.

All orders are placed directly with the supplier. The suppliers handle all customer service issues directly with our customers.

By calling the supplier directly and working with your assigned customer support person.

Bills are sent to you from the supplier and paid directly to the supplier.

You can place orders as soon as you have your account setup with the supplier.

Tracking of orders is done directly with the supplier.

All customer support is handled directly with the supplier. Our agreements with the suppliers are designed to ensure a high level of customer service as we act as one buying platform with many users.

You would speak directly with the supplier. However, if you are not satisfied with the results, please contact us immediately. We strive to provide not only a low cost, but exceptional customer service.

Depending on the spend category, the savings are between 10 and 40%.

Yes. Before setting up your account with a supplier, they will provide you with the actual savings you will receive through using the Find Savings service platform.

How do I integrate expex with other accounting systems?

Currently, Expex is integrated with QuickBooks Online and Desktop. We are evaluating other applications as well. If you are interested in expex integrating with your accounting system, please contact us at

First, expex needs to receive the approval of the accounting system to integrate with them. If we receive their authorization, they provide us with their API (application programming interface) so we can begin the integration work. Once the work is completed, we test it, go through a beta period, and then introduce it to the public.

Absolutely, we will work directly with you or your software vendor to integrate expex with your system. Please contact us at

Yes! Expex can be used with any accounting system. Users can manage their bills and payments through expex and export data to their accounting system. We provide the ability to run reports and export files to ensure your accounting system captures all the bills and payment data.

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