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Growing your business- one simple task.

Be a farmer.

Yes, farming is slow and steady and a labor of love.  Farming your business involves understanding and communicating with your base accounts.

The customers you currently have are, arguably, happy with your company, your products and your services.  They are repeat customers and are a valuable source to tap for additional business and more importantly, referrals. Get to know them, their needs and their businesses.

Many years ago, we had a sales person who was extremely successful as a farmer.  She knew her customers well and they in turn, knew she would do anything for them.  Yes, there were times when she had to discuss a price increase or perhaps inform them of a service failure, but the customers stayed with her because of that relationship.

Please don’t misunderstand, new business is critical to growth and that too can come from your base customers.

So, on this Friday morning, quite chilly here in upstate New York, pick up the phone and thank a current customer or inquire if they may know someone else who could use your product or service.  I bet you some new business is in your future.

Have a good weekend.

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