Happy Valentine’s Day- Save your heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day- Save your heart!

Today is Valentine’s Day and from all of us at Expex we wish you and your loved ones a happy and romantic day.

Wait, are you a bookkeeping service wishing us a happy and romantic day?

Yes, we are and in the spirit of giving, we want you to understand your finances, streamline your accounting functions and utilize us for your bookkeeping tasks. Doing this will keep you, and your heart,  happy and healthy.

The American Heart Association agrees and says:

“Find ways to address the causes of your stress and be sure to make time for things you enjoy. The American Heart Association provides valuable information and tools about reducing stress, an important part of your treatment plan and overall health.”

Our intent is not to minimize the dangers of heart disease, stress, or anxiety. Expex began working with small businesses and we built our app based on the needs of those small business:

  • The need to be more productive.
  • The need to spend time growing the business, not performing accounting tasks.
  • The need to understand they were not bookkeepers and accountants but needed to perform accounting tasks daily.

Too much to do and not enough time? Meet Carly.

Carly’s that person you always wish you could hire but can’t seem to find. Carly’s smart, efficient and always a step ahead. She can remind you of things you need to do, suggest better ways to manage cash, and improve your business performance. Carly will perform your bookkeeping and accounting tasks, improve your cash flow,  and keep your business healthy.

Doesn’t your heart feel better now?

Happy Valentine’s Day. You really don’t need to work that hard. Let Carly help you and  you will rest much easier!