How do we embrace artificial intelligence in the accounting space?

How do we embrace artificial intelligence in the accounting space?

First, we need to just simply embrace it! Artificial intelligence has somewhat of a bad rap regarding the perceived ousting of human beings and their jobs in exchange for cheap, free artificial labor.

Let’s think about that for a minute.

Artificial intelligence really isn’t your enemy, nor should it be feared. Automation and machine learning are taught and utilized in colleges and universities as a partner and resource to perform tasks better and assist in research and development. Technology savvy companies, software and app developers look to artificial intelligence to build better and smarter products.

Hey Google.


These simple words turn on lights, set the temperature in your room and can sing an infant to sleep.

Back to AI in Accounting…

At Expex we have embraced artificial intelligence and machine learning in building our Expex app with Carly. Carly is the last bookkeeper you will ever hire. Carly knows when bills are due, pays the bills and integrates with QuickBooks all from one single artificial mind.

Oh, and did I tell you Carly works all day and all night! Cool.

Now, that being said, the person  in your organization who has been straddled with some of these somewhat mundane everyday responsibilities can perform actual, profitable duties to build your business.

  • Maybe attend a Chamber of Commerce function to speak about your business.
  • Perhaps volunteer in the community to pay it forward.
  • Maybe even act as a functional resource and accompany sales and marketing when visiting your clients to learn about the things that are important to your clients and what secures your position as their vendor of choice.

See? Automation and artificial intelligence can open up time in the day, week, or month to work on your business, not just paying bills and data entry into QuickBooks.

Feeling like taking that plunge into the great abyss of artificial intelligence? Contact us and we can introduce you to Carly.