How do you balance running a business and growing it?

How do you balance running a business and growing it?

“Be your own boss.” They said.

“It’s easy. You’re doing what you know and love.” They said.

Yes, you are your own boss and you love what you do but that does not make it easy. It makes it challenging.  Time and resources are limited but there are resources out there to help.

Growing a small business in this digital environment can be exciting. Managing and running the business simultaneously can be overwhelming.  We talk with so many business owners who are plagued with the desires to grow and yet chained in the office to manage and run the business. There are tools and services available to you and while these are just suggestions, investigate and see what is out there to help.

Most communities have a Chamber of Commerce, lead groups and other organizations where you can find experts in these various areas.

  1. Sales growth is critical to your success and funds any growth opportunities in staff, locations, products or services. Spend a little time working with the organizations listed above and you will be surprised how easy it really can be.
  2. Website and online presence go hand in hand with sales and marketing growth. Keep it simple.  Let the website be your sales person so arm them with superior quality content.
  3. Automation for the business day to day tasks are available from little cost to small fees to automate bill payments and purchasing as well as basic bookkeeping services. Try one out, like Expex, and see what time savings are all about.

Good luck with growing your business and search out help whenever you can find it. You’ll be surprised what you can do with a little assistance.

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