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Intelligent bookkeeping and accounting assistant? Yes, it is coming!

It’s out there- the intelligent personal assistant. She lives in our homes and helps us remember important dates, order birthday presents and manage so many aspects of our lives.

“Play the rolling Stones for me.” 

“Ok. I will play the Rolling Stones.”

“Please order a pizza from the Corner Pizza Guy.”

“OK pizza will be here at 7pm.”

Wow, very cool but what if you could “ask” the intelligent accounting or bookkeeping assistant a few questions, what would they be?  How cool would it be to see your company’s financial life on a single dashboard, oh, and it totally interacts with QuickBooks!

“Please alert me when my operating account goes below $5000.00.”

And just like that, your balance is on your dashboard and you can react before you have had a cup of coffee.

“Which bills are due on the 15th this month?”

The Bills & Payments feature will show you the bills approved and payments in the queue as well as customized alerts for new bills, approvals and payments.

Expex has the solution. The Expex dashboard ‘answers’ you based on parameters and questions you specifically created for your business.

So, order your pizza and play your favorite music knowing when you get to work in the morning, Expex has your back and is there to be that virtual bookkeeper.  Contact us to see a demo and learn how easy your life can become.

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