As previously mentioned, we have had a summer intern this year. Minnie has been an asset to our research and development team and has enlightened us on the ways of today’s young professionals.

Small to medium sized businesses are emerging on a daily basis. Young entrepreneurs as well as midlife, semi-retired individuals are looking to build a business around a passion. Many new entrepreneurs have brilliant ideas yet are inexperienced in the ways of financially running a business. Our app, Expex, can automate 85% of a business’ financial tasks including bill payments, cash management, aggregation of financial accounts and creation a financial health dashboard in real time!

It’s about time now. The manual ways of handling these financial tasks are time consuming and can open a business to poor security, errors and more importantly a lack of knowledge and insight into a company’s financial health.

  • Do I have enough money for my next payroll?
  • Can I purchase my plane tickets for the conference at the end of the month?
  • What bills do I have to review and pay?
  • Did I pay that bill?
  • What is the balance in each of my bank accounts and on my credit cards accounts?

Don’t sit in that old school chair and spend valuable time being a task master. Try Expex and see how you can spend your time more wisely, grow your business more efficiently and enjoy the benefits of a healthy financial company.

It really is about time, don’t you think?

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