Carly does your bookkeeping while you are away.

It is late August and we are all trying to sneak in one more weekend or week of summertime fun. One last trip to the ice cream stand and beach.

You still have bills to pay!

Running a small business and getting away for family time can be a challenge. You still have responsibilities at work such as paying bills, reconciling the bank statements and daily bookkeeping duties.

Expex knows that and built our app to afford you the opportunity to get away and still perform the daily, weekly, and monthly tasks necessary to run your business.

Carly does the bookkeeping even when you’re away!

If you’re like most small businesses, you have bills to pay and the only way that happens is by having the bills in front of you, reviewing them, printing checks and mailing them. You also have to keep an eye on cash flow, which is typically a combination of a spreadsheet and online banking.

Carly handle both of these automatically and enables you to relax knowing that the processes is taken care of. Even if something comes up while you’re away enjoying a well-deserved break, Carly will notify you, and let you manage it directly online. No more urgent calls, work-arounds or flying blind while you’re away. Just a relaxing time…the way it should be.

Now, go relax and when you get back, contact us.

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