Yes, the thrill and joy of the holiday season is behind us and tax time and other legal requirements are facing us. Keeping your small business active and in good standing with your state is critical to a healthy business. Failure to comply could cause your entity to become involuntarily dissolved or suspended. This could have a seriously negative impact on your banking and financial relationships.

The Small Business Administration has created a page to help you manage the process entitled “Stay legally compliant.”

Keep your business compliant with state and federal business laws. Your legal responsibilities will depend on your business and location. The article provides the following content:

For your own records: internal requirements

Ongoing state filing requirements

Ongoing federal filing requirements

Maintain licenses, permits, and recertification

 At Expex, we are committed to helping you keep your business financially healthy. We also understand there is a legal aspect to staying healthy and sharing the SBA’s expertise should prove valuable. Please take the time to review this information from the SBA.

Happy New Year and we wish you much success and health in 2019!

Please Note: The content within is not intended to provide legal or financial advice. Always consult a professional for tax and legal advice.

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