Let’s honor America’s small businesses!

Let’s honor America’s small businesses!

In a press release on April 23, 2019, the U.S. Small Business Administration announced the kickoff of the 2019 Small Business Week:The U.S. Small Business Administration’s 2019 National Small Business Week kicks off on May 5 and 6 with awards ceremonies in Washington, D.C. where national award winners, including the naming of this year’s National Small Business Person of the Year, will be recognized and honored for their achievements.”

Small businesses are challenged every day.

The internet is flooded with statistics about small businesses and survival rates. Sources quote 20% of small businesses fail in their first year and 30% of small business fail in their second year. The challenges can be daunting:

  • Rising health care costs
  • Rising taxes
  • Tax compliance requirements
  • Cash flow issues
  • Being both the owner and the worker

Money issues and corresponding challenges seem to be the topics for concern we hear most often. A business needs to be financially healthy to survive and if you do not know how to become financially healthy, you will need help.

We built Expex to provide bookkeeping services, cash flow management tools, and bill pay solutions to small businesses. Carly, our automated bookkeeping application is the last bookkeeper you will ever hire. She can help and it is never too late to get your house in order.

Contact us and let’s see what we can do together.

Please support small business!

Please visit the SBA website at https://www.sba.gov/national-small-business-week to learn more about resources and events available this week.