There has been so much written about businesses surviving in the times of Covid-19. Yes, these are unprecedented times and the environment calls for strategic decisions to be made, right now.

Think about your business and employees.

This may sound distasteful, but as a small business owner, your employee headcount has changed, will change, or may need to be changed. You have valuable resources in your employees and teams, but are you wisely using each person and their skill set.

Task oriented jobs such as payroll, accounting and bookkeeping and human resources can be outsourced to professional organizations that perform these tasks, better, faster, and cost effectively. Now look at the employees in those positions:

  1. They have institutional knowledge about your business. Capitalize on that.
  2. Utilize their skills to generate revenue and support your customers.
  3. By maximizing their position in the organization, you have invested in your employees and they will be energized and enthusiastic in their now duties and position.

You have the potential to change your business. Do it.

At Expex we work with medical and dental clients who are now living in a new world. These practices are either:

  1. Closed except for emergencies
  2. Open and struggling with staffing issues and expenses

When operating costs are on the rise, access to credit (outside of the PPP) is limited, and revenue is decreasing, SMBs and practice owners need to rethink their business profile both internally and externally.

Take the opportunity to evaluate your staff, your buying power, your utilization of available time saving technology and make those changes. The potential to change your business to be healthier and your employees happier is a gift in these incredibly challenging times.

Do your research and evaluate the solutions that are available to you. The redeployment and pivoting changes you are making now, will help ensure your employees and your business will survive these times.

Expex is based in Schenectady, NY offering convenient and innovative bookkeeping services to help your business succeed. Our application, Carly, can do everything a traditional bookkeeper does and more. This financial management program expertly fulfills services such as bills payments, bank and credit card reconciliation, and financial records consolidation. Call (518) 389-2305 today to get started, or contact us to learn more about Carly.

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