Hi there, I’m Carly!
I look and act like a person, but I’m really a web app that gives small and medium size business the ability to manage their bills in the cloud. The people at expex call me the Carlyapp, but you can just call me Carly. Here’s some information about me and what I can do for you!

Wondering if you need Carly?

Managing and paying bills has to get done…

-but it’s the one thing that never adds value to managing a business. Some people think they’re really efficient at managing and paying bills…until they meet Carly. Here’s you vs Carly (we think the picture says it all!).

  • 1 Receive and sort mail
  • 2 Open mail
  • 3 Review bills
  • 4 Code each bill
  • 5 Enter bill in A/P system
  • 6 Verify A/P entry
  • 7 File bills into open A/P file
  • 8 Run Bills Due Report (BDR)
  • 9 Review BDR
  • 10 Determine which bills to pay
  • 11 Edit BDR
  • 12 Pull bills to be paid from open A/P file
  • 13 Run checks
  • 14 Post checks to GL (General Ledger)
  • 15 Match bills to check stubs
  • 16 File bills in closed A/P file
  • 17 Insert checks into envelopes
  • 18 Apply postage
  • 19 Mail checks
  • Cool things about Carly

    So you want to get to know Carly? Here’s some cool things she can do…

    • She does not pay everything at once; she does what you tell her to do.
    • She can check with you and keeps you up to date if you have a bill due.
    • She works well with your team. She can chase down all the approvals you need.
    • She is an expert at QuickBooks. We think she is even smarter than QuickBooks.
    • Carly is fast. She can pay as many bills as you want at once.
    • Carly is more organized than people because she’s an app that lives in the cloud.
    • Carly will never pay your bills before you want her to. She will always remind you if you are going to be late.
    • Carly thinks paying bills is fun.
    • Carly is a savvy shopper and will get you great deals too.
    • Carly never leaves your computer, so she can pay your bills but doesn’t have access to your cash.
    • She is tech savvy, so you don’t have to be.
    • She can do in two clicks what you did in a dozen painstaking manual steps.
    • Carly loves her job so you can get back to loving yours.
  • Things Carly can do

    We think Carly’s pretty smart and can do things that are really amazing. Take a look at just some of what she can do…

    • Schedule and edit payment amounts and dates online
    • Automatically pay bills based on predefined cash management rules
    • Utilize a dashboard to manage payment of all approved invoices
    • Tag bills to their proper general ledger account number
    • Integrate with QuickBooks for all bills
    • Integrate with other accounting systems for all bills
    • Automatically approve bills based on predefined budgeting rules
    • Manage the approval of all open invoices from a dashboard
    • Utilize rule-based delivery of invoices to the designated approver
    • Receive invoices electronically, eliminating data entry
    • Automate email notifications for all required user actions
    • Record notes on all open bills
    • Utilize a reminder notepad to manage ongoing issues
    • Utilize an indexed digital filing cabinet for all bills
    • Complete an audit trail with detailed updates each time the bill is accessed
    • Create Customized queries for detailed reporting

    Carly is so clever that she has found ways to save your business money. How? Based on large corporate purchasing systems, Carly has figured out a way to deliver lower costs and higher levels of service to small and medium sized businesses.

    Carly can find ways to save your business 10% – 40% of cost on:

    • Printing
    • Promotional Products
    • Office Supplies
    • Janitorial/Sanitation
    • Wireless and Data Services
    • Merchant Services
    • Package Delivery
    • Payroll and HR Outsourcing
    • Utilities
    • Furniture/Office Equipment
    • Commercial Collections
    • Technology Peripherals
    • LTL Trucking
    • Rental Cars

    Carly can even build a custom solution specifically for your industry. Please contact us if you have specific expense categories that you are interested in.

    Carly has friends that are strategic partners who offer guidance, choices, cost comparisons and more to help you meet your needs in these categories:

    • Property/Casualty insurance
    • Healthcare Benefits
    • Workers Compensation
    • Retirement Plans
    • Banking and Commercial Lending
    • Internet Marketing Services

How Carly Works

Bills are emailed to Carly from your vendors. Carly sends you an email saying that you have new bills to approve. Click on a link and go right to your dashboard to approve and manage your bills. Carly then effortlessly manages, prioritizes, pays and files your bills to the timeline of your choosing.

Carly is safe. She provides fraud protection, indexed digital filing cabinet and an audit trail. Carly can save you the time required to process payments by up to 85%. Carly is ready to go and can be trained and working for you in less than 30 minutes. Carly knows QuickBooks too, so she can automatically post all your transactions (vendors, items, jobs, classes and general ledger accounts) to your QuickBooks account.

Everybody should do what they love…both you and Carly.

Reduce the time required to process payments by 85% and save money too