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Running a small to medium sized business can be rewarding and challenging.  We understand.

Daily struggles and tasks.

Every day we speak with small to medium sized business owners who struggle to capture more time in the day. Often, these business owners are the voice of the company, the salesperson who drives revenue, the IT tech who fixes a laptop, and the back-office bookkeeping, financial manager, and all-around Jack/Jill of all trades. You know what they say about that? You cannot do everything well. Something must give.

Well sadly, a day is still 24 hours and 20 of them should not be spent at work. There are options.

Meet Carly.

Carly’s that person you always wish you could hire but can’t seem to find. Carly’s smart, efficient and always a step ahead. She’s can remind you of things you need to do, suggest better ways to manage cash, and improve your business performance.

Let Carly help you:

  • Monitor all your financial accounts in one place.
  • Get current days cash on hand and manage cash flow.
  • Monitor your financial performance.
  • Automate the entire bill payment process including receipt, review, approval and payment.
  • Reduce your operating expenses.

Ready to reach out your hand?

Great! Contact us for a demo and meet Carly face to face. Knock a few of those long work hours off your day and spend some time growing your business and meeting your customers. Carly has your back.

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