Yesterday the website The Non Profit Times posted a great article by Andy Wolber entitled, Users Expecting Accounting Applications Will Do Much More. Mr. Wolber delves into the latest trends in accounting systems for nonprofits and the benefits provided by these systems in terms of visualization, transparency, and integrations with other systems.

“Nonprofit financial managers demand a lot from accounting systems. Among other things, they rely on them to help comply with reporting requirements and use them to properly classify and report on contributions, both for external reporting and for internal analysis and action.

Software vendors have gotten better at responding to their customers’ needs as these tools grow more powerful, designing systems to help nonprofit managers with new aspects of their work. What do these changing needs look like, and how is the software addressing them?” read more…

Today, the tools are available to help nonprofits do more with less. Systems,  technology and artificial intelligence  are available to streamline tasks like bookkeeping and finance. The article states:

“Technology will continue to change. It’s up to nonprofit leaders to make sure their organizations and staff change with it, seeking out and adopting new approaches and investing in training to ensure success. How people work — and how well they work — might ultimately have a bigger impact than technology on mission.”

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Special thanks to the author: Andy Wolber is a researcher with nonprofit technology organization Ideal-ware. Find him on Twitter at @awolber or email him at


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