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Ok, so you want to start a business?

At expex we have clients ranging from small businesses born out of a founder’s passion to larger businesses handed down from parent to child or grown into something greater and broader in scope.

One thing that all these businesses have in common is finance, yet few completely understand it or spend the time to make a valuable tool. Often, this stems from a lack of knowledge or interest and so finance is ignored. Basic functionality that is often performed by a bookkeeper or accountant can include:

  • Setting up an accounting system including the General Ledger
  • Review, approval and payment of bills
  • Invoicing clients
  • Processing cash receipts
  • Reconciling bank accounts
  • Processing payroll
  • Reconciling credit card accounts
  • Filing sales tax returns
  • Reviewing financial statement and management reports
  • Making money, oh wait, am I making money?

Owners often begrudgingly become the bookkeeper, outsource the process, or try to hire qualified personnel to perform the work. Not an easy task and in some cases, not a desirable chair to sit in.

We have spent years working on expex to be a better accounting and bookkeeping solution for the SMB world. We use artificial intelligence so expex knows where you post that telecom bill and when you want to pay vendors, regardless of the vendor terms.

As we embark on the third quarter of 2018, we look to our clients and the business world overall and ask, “How can we make your accounting and bookkeeping life easier?”

Contact us to learn more about expex or to just plain share a story or problem you have that could use a little intel and help.

Hang in there, a bolder and more robust expex is on the horizon.

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