Operational Efficiency- Getting your team on board

Operational Efficiency- Getting your team on board

We’ve all read about improving processes and how running an efficient business is important to become more profitable. But as small business owners, we are often caught up in the issue of knowing that we have a small staff and no matter how efficient we are, we will always need the same number of employees. With payroll being the largest expense in most SMB’s, how can tools that we must pay for, create enough value and efficiency to help bring a return to the bottom line?

Rethink the roles your employees currently play.

The answer lies in how we think about our employees and in the work they do. Let’s face it, most SMB’s have employees that have been there a long time and are considered essential. As a result, owners are often concerned with changing their processes, if it’s going to upset a ‘valued’ employee. This thought process stems from the concern that employees have over the tools you may want to introduce.

  • Will these new tools render their position ineffectual?
  • Are they able to embrace the training for these tools and the impact it will have on their duties?
  • If a new process disturbs one department, will worry and fear impact other departments in the company?

Perhaps the answer to some of these questions is ‘yes.’ Take the approach that the tools you will use can create a greater opportunity for your employees to contribute to the bottom-line growth and efficiency of the company. They will then become excited about the opportunity to grow!

employee skills
Find the best use of each employee’s skills and talents.

Change is good!

So, what types of things can employees do that they may not have been doing previously? The answer to this question is only limited by your own creativity, and that of your employees. Ask them for suggestions and you may be surprised. I have heard all kinds of suggestions that include:

  • Review of vendors for consolidation and cost of purchases
  • Operational reviews to eliminate costly processes
  • Job sharing
  • Increased efforts in the sales and marketing

It depends on the business you’re in, but there are endless opportunities. The point is that it all boils down to how the message is delivered and how you engage your employees. That said, you may also find that there are employees who really aren’t interested in playing as a team member. At this point you really need to consider how to address this. I once had an employee who fell into this category, and eventually was asked to leave. After they left, I had numerous employees tell me that this person had been a problem for a long time. As a result, the rest of the team was happier and continued to contribute at a higher level.

The real issue here is creating an environment where your employees know that they are valued and want the business to thrive. As a result, they will become willing participants in evaluating tools that will bring operational efficiency to your business and help the business grow.

Time is money

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