Small Businesses in the U.S.

The fiber of our country’s economy and business environment is made up of many small businesses. These companies and start-ups face very different challenges compared to their larger siblings.

Challenged with the need for growth and the pressures of minimal expenses, small businesses are turning to outsourcing. These solutions take on many forms, some old and some new:

  • IT Support
  • Call centers
  • Marketing
  • Sales and lead generations
  • Warehousing and logistics

Somewhat late to the party is accounting and bookkeeping services. Business owners have held tight to the mantra that they alone can and should perform all financial tasks including bookkeeping services. Yet, these tasks take up significant time and resources, which takes them away from growing their businesses.

The tide is changing.

Financial and bookkeeping tasks do not have to take days or even hours. Applications are being built to make tt is simple, easy, and automated so you do not have to sacrifice security and process. Expex is an application that can automate your bookkeeping tasks and can do many things such as:

  • Automate tasks like paying bills and managing cash flow
  • Lower the cost of managing your finances
  • Deliver smart alerts for tasks you need to take care of
  • Provide financial visibility 24/7

Carly, an automated bookkeeping application, is the embodiment of Expex and most likely the last bookkeeper you will ever hire. She manages the process; insures you are informed 100% of the time and takes direction with the click of a button.

Intrigued? We knew you would be!

Great, now take the next step and see a demo of how Carly works and get a glimpse of what your life can look like by automating your bookkeeping! Growing your business can be rewarding and fun when the pressures of managing the financial and bookkeeping tasks are left to your new hire, Carly!

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