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Sales tax returns – Something Expex actually likes!

Managing the finances of a small business can be a challenge for a lot of reasons. Most owners don’t start a business with a finance background and struggle with managing their finances. But the one area that is the most frustrating is managing the sales tax return process.

Most businesses are required to charge sales tax for the goods and services they sell. The then need to report and remit theses taxes to the jurisdiction where the goods/services were delivered. Where the challenges come to play is tracking, reporting and filing the sales tax. While this isn’t so bad in states like Connecticut and Massachusetts because they have one rate throughout the state. But in New York, you must file by county and if you operate in multiple states, it’s simply a headache that most business owners would rather avoid.

Who likes doing sales tax returns?

At Expex, we actually like doing sales tax returns. It’s not that we’re in love with the process, but we have built a solution that enables us to perform this task for our clients so that they don’t have to worry about it. Being able to extract data from you’re QuickBooks application and automatically file and remit the sales tax make this process accurate, efficient, inexpensive. We can even show you how to plan for the balance you need to remit so it’s not a surprise when the sales tax are due.

Expex is automating the bookkeeping process for small and medium size companies, doing all the things you would rather avoid – even filing your sales tax.

And for more assistance with your bookkeeping needs,  contact us and meet Carly, the last bookkeeper you will ever hire!

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