Summertime is just around the corner for us in New York and already present in many areas of the U.S. Kids are out of school, boats are in the water and summer cottages and camps are airing out.  Where do you want to be on a long weekend?

Not. In. The. Office.

But there are bills to pay, payroll to be called in and basic accounting and bookkeeping functions that need your attention. Hmm. Maybe you can do it all and still sip that coffee by the water and pay a bill at the same time.

The technology is there, are you?

Paying a bill, managing your AR and AP can be simplified and done remotely.  Expex affords you the luxuries of performing these tasks all from a straightforward view using a dashboard.  That means you can view multiple bank accounts, your cash on hand and available balances. You can automate so many bookkeeping and accounting tasks insuring you don’t miss a beat while you are catching some rays!

Through our integrations with 11,000 financial institutions and QuickBooks, Expex provides you with a view of you days cash on hand and current cash flow that includes your available cash and all unpaid bills. You can even add future transactions and outstanding invoices to run cash flow projections that are not available within QuickBooks. You can even set up alerts for critical financial triggers such as days sales outstanding or cash balances.

Just take a look or contact us for a demo. We want you to be successful and at the same time, relax and enjoy life.  We can make that possible.

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