Are accountants ready for the new digital age?

Technology is everywhere today and changing at lightning speed. Children are learning on computers and tablets at an early age and professionals have conceded to automation, artificial intelligence, and technology as methods and tools of providing professional services. In an article posted on December 17, 2018  on Director of Finance Online (UK), the author, Jennifer

Is Artificial Intelligence in the Here and Now?

Here at Expex, we are all about artificial intelligence. We use AI to improve visibility into future cash flow and automate data capture from vendor bills. Combined together, our use of AI not only automates tasks, but brings valuable insights into the future of your business cash flows, allowing you to make better financial decisions.

AI and the Impact on Accountants

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is mentioned throughout the day in the news and on social media. The word on AI is not always positive as some fear the impact AI will have on their business, their billing, and overall communication with employees and clients. In a recent article on, “How AI and Automations Technology Can

Our Intern’s Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

Expex had our first summer intern this year. Minnie is a college student and has been instrumental in doing some research for us among QuickBooks users and how they perform bookkeeping and accounting tasks, specifically in terms of applications. Minnie has spent a great deal of time understanding expex and the impact artificial intelligence has

Intelligent bookkeeping and accounting assistant? ...

It’s out there- the intelligent personal assistant. She lives in our homes and helps us remember important dates, order birthday presents and manage so many aspects of our lives. “Play the rolling Stones for me.”  “Ok. I will play the Rolling Stones.” “Please order a pizza from the Corner Pizza Guy.” “OK pizza will be

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