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Yes, it is Superbowl weekend!

  • January 31, 2019

As tax time is looming and year end housekeeping is somewhat behind us, it is time to breathe in and out and relax. Many of us here at Expex watch football and one particular lead programmer, who shall remain nameless…

Benefits of the 2018 Tax Reform Law

  • January 12, 2018

It is tax time.  Your year end dedication in preparing to meet with your accountant has paid off and you are ready to file.   The new tax law signed in late 2017 is now a reality.  What do you need…

Invoices paid late?

  • December 15, 2017

If so, you are not alone, and the solution is not always easy.  According to a recent article on the website, CPA Practice Advisor, 1 in 10 invoices fail to be paid on time. The article features commentary from Nancy…

Staffing your business is not as easy as you think.

  • December 5, 2017

And you are not alone. A recent article on the website CPA Practice Advisor speaks to this issue. While business is growing, the challenge with staffing for that growth can be troublesome. Hiring Remains a Top Challenge In October, business…

Cloud Accounting- will it work for you?

  • November 9, 2017

There have been some heated debates and strong opinions voiced regarding cloud accounting.  There have been many articles written on cloud accounting.  Take a look at Cloud Accounting - Way of the Future or a Tool for Now? This was…

How much time are you spending on admin tasks and bookkeeping?

  • September 20, 2017

A recent article posted online by the CPA Practice Advisor speaks to the challenges small businesses face: “Small businesses currently spend an average of 120 working-days per year on administrative tasks, accounting for approximately 5% of the total manpower for the…

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