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3 tips to help you get comfortable with understand...

Cash flow issues present one of the greatest challenges to business owners. It is estimated that 4 out of 5 business failures are a result of poor cash management. Future Transactions How do you ensure you have enough cash to pay for bills that are future transactions and not recorded as a bill from a

They Say Cash is King

True?  We think so. Cash allows a business to run and supports growth with its ability to hire new employees, purchase goods and services more competitively, and pay bills within terms to save a percentage or two. If this is indeed true, then why is cash on hand so elusive and evasive to the small

Fall in Love with Finance Series-Make it Simple.

“I don’t get it”, “I hated it in school”, “It’s too complicated”. These are statements I’ve heard from SMB owners, and they’re right! Accounting and finance can be complicated and difficult to understand. But what if it were simple? What if you got exactly the information you needed in an easy to understand format?  If

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