Do you have 10 minutes?

Quite often, the things we need to do to save time, make life easier, or save money are the things we wait the longest to actually do. Why is that? Small to medium sized business owners are plagued every day, via every media source with offers to save money.  Some are real, some are not.

How AI is impacting Small and Medium Size Business...

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is actively maneuvering from the consumer marketplace to the world of finance, banking and accounting. Many businesses are looking to streamline processes and utilize AI to become more efficient and profitable. Expex is pleased to be featured in The Saratoga County Prosperity Partnership online newsletter, Next Wave Ideas. The article, How AI

You Pay Your Bills Electronically at Home but not ...

I’ve asked this question to many small business owners and always get the same response in some variation: “It’s not that simple at work”. Yes, that’s true. At home, we simply write checks. At work, we have accounting systems and business processes to contend with. However, many small business owners believe that automating bill payments

Cloud Accounting- will it work for you?

There have been some heated debates and strong opinions voiced regarding cloud accounting.  There have been many articles written on cloud accounting.  Take a look at Cloud Accounting – Way of the Future or a Tool for Now? This was published online on the website CPA Practice Advisor on Oct 17, 2017 by Randy Johnston,

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