The art of remote out-of-office bookkeeping

The art of remote out-of-office bookkeeping

Businesses of all sizes are learning how to function in an out-of-office structure during this pandemic. The challenges include the following to name a few:

  • Maintaining current clients
  • Acquisition of new accounts and business
  • Keeping a healthy cash flow
  • Functioning remotely, including sales, service, marketing, and accounting.

Few companies are prepared to migrate their employees and critical, business functions to a remote environment.

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Shhh, there isn’t an art to remote bookkeeping.

With so many companies searching for creative ways to keep the gears moving and their employees safe, automation coupled with artificial intelligence can streamline tasks and functions throughout an organization.  Human Resource departments have taken to Zoom for interviews. Sales teams are creative in ‘meeting’ clients and prospects in parks and outdoor coffee bars.

Accounting departments are often viewed as stringent, rigid, and deeply seeded in rules and formulas. Well, that can be true, but automation has touched their world.  SMB owners, CFOs, and accounting managers have embraced automated bookkeeping and bill pay solutions.

Expex identified this need and looked to support accountants and bookkeepers with the mundane bookkeeping tasks required for a business to exist day-to-day. We built Carly to provide you with the information you need to complete the tasks that require your immediate attention, make better financial decisions, and run a healthier company.

Carly is smart, efficient, and always a step ahead. Our bookkeeping services afford accounting firms and bookkeepers to automate and expedite the bookkeeping process. More time is spent supporting their clients and helping them grow their businesses.

Carly does the bookkeeping even when you’re working virtually

If you’re like most small businesses, you have bills to pay and the only way that happens is by having the bills in front of you, reviewing them, printing checks, and mailing them. It would be best if you also kept an eye on cash flow, typically a combination of a spreadsheet and online banking.

Carly manages both automatically and enables you to relax, knowing that the processes are taken care of. Even if something comes up while you’re away enjoying a well-deserved break, Carly will notify you and manage it directly online. No more urgent calls, workarounds, or flying blind while you’re away. Just a relaxing time, the way it should be.

Virtual employees can perform all the bookkeeping and financial tasks necessary. Carly is there to enforce a robust set of controls mitigating the opportunity for employee fraud. Your team can be spread out remotely amongst three counties or 12 states. Carly is there giving you complete financial visibility so that you can make better decisions.

She thinks and acts like a bookkeeper- only smarter, faster, less expensive, and more secure than traditional bookkeepers.

Request a demo today and rest easy with Carly. Your bookkeeping and financial tasks are well cared for!

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