Accounting as we know it today looks nothing like it did in the early 1990’s when you met your accountant to go over your financial statements, financial health and taxes. It was antiquated, slow and expensive.

Today’s accountants live with technology although some may not be ready to embrace that, their clients certainly are. Businesses are looking for faster, better, cheaper solutions to what they view as a necessary evil.

They are educated and voracious users of Google to find ways to run their business better, and with more control. There are programs and apps to automate these processes. This leaves accounting firms looking to support their clients while keeping a strong and beneficial relationship with them.

Accountants provide valuable services and their expertise, especially with taxes and tax planning are critical to the health of most businesses.

Expex realizes this and looks to support accountants with the mundane bookkeeping tasks required for business to exist day-to-day. Our bookkeeping services afford accounting firms to automate and expedite the bookkeeping process, so more time is spent supporting their clients and helping them to grow their businesses.

If you are an accountant, give us a call or contact us and let’s chat about how we can make your firm more profitable, more client service oriented and help you embrace the changing face of accounting.

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