Question:  How do you ensure you have enough cash to pay for bills that are future transactions and not recorded as a bill from a vendor (i.e. payroll, rent, etc.)

Answer:  By using tools, such as a cash management app, that can see what the transactions are, when they are due, and their impact on cash flow.

Business owners must be fluid in thinking when cash is concerned. Cash management is critical when answering questions regarding operations and growth:

  • I like to run with 30-45 days cash, what does it look like if I add future transactions?
  • Can I afford to add a new employee to handle our growth?
  • Can I upgrade my office equipment and be ok carrying a bit more debt?
  • I would love to save a little interest expense. Can I make a principle payment this month?

What other liabilities are lurking that we cannot plan for? These are the questions we all face and yet the ability to adjust these outcomes or run “what if” scenarios is not readily or easily available in the accounting software we use.  That is why we built Expex.

Expex, in part, is a cash management app that can show you the impact on cash flow and add future transactions to forecast cash receipts and business expenses. To facilitate the process, we add the ability to custom set cash management monitoring and alerts, see bank and available balance in real time and run reports to review with your accounting professional.

They say cash is king, we agree. Understanding where you stand and more importantly having the ability to manipulate the data by adding future transactions equates to a cash flow peace of mind.

Many small to medium sized companies have selected Expex as their cash flow partner.  Ask for a demo and see how you can sleep better at night knowing you can pay your bills, grow your business or just plain have enough cash on hand.

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