The new landscape in bookkeeping…

The new landscape in bookkeeping…

Bookkeeping has traditionally been a task-oriented process that require an understanding of how and when each task needs to be completed. This culminates in the completion of financial statements that can be reviewed for performance, risk, trends, and a host of decisions such as

  • Do we need to hire?
  • Can we buy more equipment?
  • Can we afford to increase inventory?
  • How can we improve our A/R collections, etc.?

Automated accounting in Schenectady NY

Today, most bookkeeping is done by humans, but with the advent of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation), the future of bookkeeping is changing very quickly. Computers can now be taught how to perform bookkeeping tasks…and they do them quickly and without error. Oh, and it is extremely secure. Automated bookkeepers can now “read” bills and statements, learn where transactions should be booked, and crunch through bank reconciliations. Yes, the bookkeeper of the future looks more like a machine than a person.

There is more to the story.

The bookkeeper of today has analytical skills that machines don’t have. They have “institutional knowledge” about their client’s inner workings and can advise them on making critical decisions. While this is a bit scary for those people who are in the bookkeeping world, it is perhaps the greatest opportunity and most exciting time the industry has ever seen. The use of these tools enables bookkeepers to grow their businesses like never before; providing tools that drastically improve their client’s businesses, while freeing them up to add far more value to their clients than ever before. Advice on asset protection, budgets, and planning are just a few examples of where bookkeepers can provide consulting to their clients that is critical to helping them growth their business

Yes, the landscape is changing, and we say embrace it! Bookkeepers, business owners, and technology providers can and should all benefit from these exciting changes starting to take hold in the accounting space.

excited bookeepers using Expex
successful and excited bookkeepers using Expex!

How do I implement Carly into my bookkeeping business?

It is simple. Expex will develop a solution for your practice using Carly as a platform to grow your bookkeeping business. Carly makes the implementation process quick and easy. She is our bookkeeping application automating accounting tasks, assisting in controlling cash flow, and managing financial tasks securely and safely. Carly even delivers Smart Alerts to notify you of critical issues in your client’s accounts that require your immediate attention.

Expex is committed to our bookkeeping partners and enabling them to run their practices more successfully.

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