Tips For Protecting Your Business From Ransomware Threats

Tips For Protecting Your Business From Ransomware Threats

On September 19, 2017, published a great online article entitled, Tips For Protecting Your Business From Ransomware Threats.  The article, written by Chalmers Brown, warns of the increase in online cyber-attacks by hackers often looking for ransom.

“In 2016, U.S. small businesses lost $75 million in downtime due to ransomware attacks, according to Datto. The report also found that 48% lose critical data when falling victim to such attacks.”

The author continues,

“Hackers are becoming increasingly aggressive about what they want. While many online fraud attempts have been somewhat covert, the latest trend is ransomware, including an incredible increase in mobile ransomware attacks. These attacks involve taking a device electronically hostage until the device owner pays money to get their data back. While these types of attacks have been around for many years, their threat level has only recently increased.”

Many small businesses are concerned with growing revenue, balancing a healthy financial picture and keeping afloat. The article suggests that with this activity on the rise, this is something all businesses need to be aware of.

Please read the article in its entirety here.  It is well worth the time.

Special thanks to the author,  Mr. Chalmers Brown.  Mr. Brown is a Forbes Technology Council Contributor.
The information contained within is for informational purposes only.  Always contact an attorney or accountant for professional advice.

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