A recent article on the website, MobilePaymentsToday.com discusses consumer comfort with using nonfinancial providers for bill pay and money transfers.  The September 21, 2017 article,  Consumers more comfortable with nonfinancial providers for bill pay, money transfers, states,

“A substantial number of consumers are comfortable using non-financial providers for essential activities such as paying bills, transferring money to others and taking out loans, according to the latest consumer trends survey from Fiserv.”

Businesses are beginning to follow this trend. They are slower to move since there are more considerations in paying business bills such as reconciling with an accounting program such as QuickBooks. There are, however, solutions that are being built specifically for businesses that address the specific concerns of business bill payments.

Expex is a web application that provides financial management services that bridge the gap between QuickBooks and financial institutions by delivering financial visibility and cash management tools. Please contact us for more information.

Special thanks to MobilePaymentsToday.com editor, Will Hernandez. Read more about Mr. Hernandez on the about us page of MobilePaymentsToday.com.

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