Expex is an application dedicated to making financial tasks easier. We have sung this from the rooftops but this week, we heard it direct from a new client. We are paraphrasing her comments but here is what one small business owner from Latham, NY shared with us:

“I cannot tell you Tony how much I love Expex. At first I resisted because I was afraid it would be too difficult for me. I am not tech nor financially savvy. That being said, I needed help. The bookkeeping aspect of running the business was killing me.

So, on Friday, I gave a new vendor my Expex email address myname@expexbill.com .  Within an hour I received an email that said I had a bill waiting for me! I logged into Expex and opened the bill. I added them as a vendor, updated the bill, approved it and the bill automatically uploaded to QuickBooks and ….all in about 3 minutes! 3 minutes! Oh, and I absolutely love Carly!

Thank you for working with me on setting up Expex and encouraging me to stick with it. Now I cannot imagine going back to paper, stamps and envelopes!”

This scenario is common. Many small business owners fear what they do not know or understand. Automated bill payments and bookkeeping tasks are becoming commonplace. There is a better, faster, and more secure way to perform the financial tasks associated with running a business.

Take a look at Expex. What do you have to lose other than time and expense?

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