Accounting visibility.  Have you heard the term? Technology can get a bad rap.  Some think technology will replace people, and heaven forbid, artificial intelligence!

Well it is what it is, and it is coming to your business.  Technology doesn’t replace people, it affords them the ability to be more proficient and, in our experience, look for ways to do their jobs better and faster.

Artificial intelligence can reduce errors and implement processes without the need for a human to remember to do it.

So, technology, artificial intelligence coupled with the desire to become more efficient and profitable lead to accounting visibility.  The company’s financial health impacts your ability to make decisions throughout the day:

I need to pay this bill early to be sure I take advantage of terms and get that 2% discount.  Can I pay that bill today?

What is my current days cash on hand?

How long does it take for me to get paid?  What’s my days sales outstanding?

We really need some new equipment, what’s my debt to equity ratio? Can I afford it?

I need help processing my bill payments, but I don’t want to give Betty carte blanche. How can I get help and still keep control?

QuickBooks certainly has made life easier for many small to medium sized businesses. Our research shows that business owners needed to view multiple aspects of their financial health all at once as these various components are not independent. Expex created a dashboard to give the user answers to all the questions above and much more.

Can you see it now?  Are you ready to embrace accounting visibility without fear or hesitation?  We knew you would, so contact us and let us give you an unobstructed vision into your company’s financial health.

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