I am in the marketing department here at expex. Marketing seems so easy and straightforward and when someone asks what I do for expex, it is an easy answer. So, years ago when I told my brother-in-law that I could never be an accountant like he was, he asked, “Do you know what an accountant does?”

I thought I knew what they did. Taxes, right? Not so fast.

Accountants do so much more including bookkeeping services. As part of their bookkeeping responsibilities, they:

  • Review days cash on hand
  • Handle all receipt review approval and payment of bills
  • Review cash on hand forecast
  • Reconcile bank account(s)
  • Review P&L
  • Review balance sheet
  • Review management reports

Now imagine performing these services from one single dashboard, and for multiple clients. Expex can help your practice be more profitable and efficient by automating 85% of the tasks listed above:

  • Creates a bridge between you and your client, offering tools that your client can use to improve their financial performance, enhancing client satisfaction and cultivating retention rates.
  • Creates a competitive advantage when pursuing new clients by enabling them with tools to improve their business performance, while lowing your expense for managing the client.
  • Creates a more efficient and profitable model for your firm by reducing the time required to perform accounting tasks and manage clients.
  • Replaces the need for multiple applications including bill payment, cash management and financial dashboards.

Expex is designed for the accounting professional to enhance its relationship with a client, specifically with the SMB’s in mind. Expex is simple enough for a small business to use yet robust with account management applications for the accounting professional.

What would you do with the extra time you now have thanks to expex?

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